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Samuel Albright '22, Theatre Major

Sam is your announcer this evening for the mysteries, The Thought and My Dear Niece. His upcoming and previous roles at Gustavus Adolphus College include: Rosencrantz in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (February 2021), Andrei in Three Sisters (May 2021), the Cook in Mother Courage and Her Children, Ensemble in You’re Invited, the Baker in Into the Woods, and Elbow in Measure for Measure. A fan of The Adventures of Superman radio serial, Sam is eager to finally dip his toes into voice acting. He would like to thank his roommates, Lillian Kline, Oaklee River, and Ace Schwartz, for putting up with him talking to himself in melodramatic voices most evenings for the last month.  

Alex Bretoi '23, Communication Studies & Theatre Double Major

Alex is playing Jack in The Thought and Actor in My Dear Niece in tonight’s double bill of radio thrillers. Previous roles at Gustavus include: Narrator in Into The Woods and Ensemble in Time To Get Real.  Previous roles at East Ridge High School include: Ensemble in A Still LIfe with Iris, Prince Eric in Little Mermaid, Father in Childhood, Jerry in Once In A Lifetime, Naphtali in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Ottavio in Scapino, Javert in Les Miserables, Miles in She Kills Monsters, Doc Swain in Wendy and Peter Pan. Alex also played Billy Flynn in Chicago at Merrill Community Arts Center. He is super excited to present this production since he has always had a huge interest in voice acting, but never had a great opportunity to pursue it. Thank you to his long-time friend Kat Grannis over at St. Olaf College for first introducing him to the art of voice acting with the amazing trio that is the McElroy Brothers: Justin, Travis, and Griffin. Thank you to Sam's mom, dad, Jim, Susie, Ryan, and Owen for being my biggest supporters. 


Sydney Dimapelis '24, Undeclared

In this double bill of radio thrillers, Sydney plays both Marie and Mary. Her previous roles at Farmington High School include Mouse Cop in The Wiz, Ensemble in Beauty and the Beast, and Ensemble in All Shook Up. Previous roles at TPPT Productions include: Ensemble in Sister Act, Ensemble in Hairspray, Aquata in Little Mermaid Jr., Tina Starchaser in The Princess King, and Ensemble in Aladdin 24 Hour Theatre Project. Sydney just wants to say she is super super happy to be part of this production and to have it be her first production of her college experience. She has never done any type of voice acting, so it was very nice to have this experience. Sydney wants to thank her family and her best friend, Hannah, for always encouraging her and supporting her as an actor. She also wants to thank everyone in the cast and the directors who have made her first production a pleasant and memorable one.

Carly Herrick '24, Undeclared
Carly plays the Audience Member in The Thought and Mrs. Rogers in My Dear Niece. Carly has been involved in theater since 2010 when she was cast in her community theater’s production of A Christmas Carol. She continued acting at the community theater through middle school and then took part in St. Croix Falls High School’s drama department every year of high school. Carly's roles included Michael Darling in Peter Pan: The Musical, Sarah in Apollo’s Overture, a narrator in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Wadsworth in Clue. Recently, she became interested in the technology side of theater productions and started being tutored by the tech manager at her community theater. Unfortunately, the mentorship was cut short by COVID-19, but Carly hopes to pursue theater technology at Gustavus Adolphus College. She is ecstatic to be involved in the theater department at Gustavus and plans to pursue her passion and hone her acting skills a little more every semester. Carly would like to thank her mother, Julie Herrick, for convincing her to audition for A Christmas Carol a decade ago, allowing her to discover her life-long passion. She would also like to express her gratitude to the rest of her family for supporting her as she pursues her interests and for helping her to her feet when she stumbles.

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Jacob Korver '23, Undeclared

Jacob is playing the Doctor in The Thought and Officer Barnes in My Dear Niece. You'll also hear him as an announcer in the commercial for Swift's Premium Franks. Jacob's past theatrical experience includes: Peter/Boy in Peter and the Starcatcher, Motel Kamzoil in Fiddler on the Roof, Will Parker in Oklahoma!, Douglas Panch in 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and many ensemble roles. In addition to acting, Jacob enjoys working on lights and sound for shows whenever he can. Thank you to his parents and siblings for sparking his interest in theatre and helping and supporting him whenever they could.

Annie Lind '23, Theatre Major

Annie plays Helen in The Thought. Annie's passion for the arts began through the community theatre, Play Inc Arts, under the direction of Aaron Knudsvig. She grew up in Cambridge, Minnesota, alongside her mother, Angie, father, Todd, and brother, Joe, and graduated from Cambridge Isanti High School. Performing at CIHS as well as shows through Play Inc Arts, Annie realized the importance theatre had on her life as well as how it impacted others around her. Taking this into account, she decided to follow her passion of the arts and go to Gustavus Adolphus College to major in theatre. Once arriving at Gustavus, Annie jumped right into theatre, participating in Into the Woods playing Little Red Riding Hood under the direction of Henry MacCarthy. This gave her the opportunity to fall in love with Gustavus and the Gustavus community. While COVID has put a bump in the road, Annie is grateful that she has the opportunity to still do theatre.


Matthew J. Olson '24, Undeclared

Matthew is playing the roles of the Ex-Lax Salesman and the Police Officer in The Thought, as well as the role of Newholt in My Dear Niece for tonight's double bill of radio thrillers. This is his first production with Gustavus Adolphus College and his third career production. Matthew's two previous roles were at Lourdes High School and include: Mysterious Man in Into The Woods and Bob in To Whom It May Concern, his senior production which was never fully completed due to COVID-19. Matthew would also like to take some time to thank everyone who has supported him up to this point. He is so grateful for his castmates and Dr. MacCarthy, and he looks forward to working with him in the future. Thank you to his mom, his dad, his siblings Mitchell and Onyx for keeping him sane and grounded, as well as Tor, Muwafa, the Devlin twins, and the few others who will forever be his brothers. Thank you to Mr. Robert S.P. Gardner for the tremendous amount of mentorship you have offered Matthew, both knowingly and unknowingly. Though he knows you don't believe you deserve the praise, he will continue to thank you every chance he gets. And finally, thank YOU for taking part in our performance tonight and giving us an audience we can perform for in this strange time, no matter how different that performance may look. 

Sam Peters '23, English and Theatre Double Major

Sam plays Bruce in My Dear Niece, the second play featured in The Murder Mystery Hour. At Gustavus, he has previously played the Wolf in Into the Woods and Eilif in Mother Courage and her Children. Sam has also acted in various community and high school productions in his hometown of Glenwood, Minnesota, including: Shrek in Shrek the Musical, Charlie Brown in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Willard in Footloose, Benny in Guys and Dolls, Tommy in The Music Man, and several other musicals and one-act plays. Being involved in this production has been both exciting and enlightening as they have experimented with creative ways to present these stories, and it’s been refreshing to act again after so many months away.
Sam would like to thank his parents and the rest of his family for all the tireless support throughout the years (especially during this strange time!) and all his friends, teachers, and mentors who have inspired him. Thanks also to everyone tuning in today - enjoy the show!


Spencer Quiram '23, Communication Studies & Theatre Double Major

Spencer plays Paul in The Thought. This is Spencer's third show at Gustavus, and he is very excited to showcase what he has learned in a year's time at GAC! At first he was a mysterious man, then a sergeant, and now Spencer is, yet again, another interesting role. This will be year two at Gustavus, but four years of theatre experience overall. Being in this radio show has taught many things to the cast. They are able to bounce back at anything, and Spencer is overjoyed that he can still perform in the climate our world is in today. This double bill contains a lot of different elements of surprise and suspense. It is an interesting route to take, to say the least, but a route that is better than nothing. Spencer is very eager to hear any feedback, and hope you enjoy the show!

Aurora Schelmeske '24, Undeclared

Aurora is playing the role of Marina in The Thought, and can be heard in a commercial during My Dear Niece in tonight's performance. Previous roles at Grand Marais Playhouse include: Ariel in The Little Mermaid, Olivia in Twelfth Night, Helena in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Sarah in Quilters, Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast, Silvius in As You Like It, Ensemble in Shrek the Musical, Centipede in James and the Giant Peach, Grace in Radium Girls,  Narrator 2 in The Rules of Comedy, Ensemble in Our Town, and Ensemble in Dix Tableaux. This double bill of radio thrillers is the 30th production Aurora has been involved in, and she is so excited to be trying a new format of theatre! Shout-out to her friends at age six, for starting theatre with her back in first grade - and sticking with it. Thanks to Sue Hennessy for teaching Aurora to use her diaphragm, and thanks to her parents for supporting her even while enduring her stage voice 24/7.


Martha Scherschligt '21, Theatre Major

Martha plays the role of Mildred in The Thought. Martha is so delighted to be a part of this show, as it is nothing like the shows she has been in before! At Gustavus Adolphus College, she performed in a number of roles, including: Texas in Cabaret, Julietta/Froth in Measure for Measure, and Yvette in Mother Courage. Martha has also worked in the costume shop, assisting in the costume construction for Into the Woods. This show has been a unique and exciting experience to work on. She is grateful for the opportunity to learn the art of voice acting. Martha would like to thank her friends and family for their support, and her roommates for always being there for her through everything. Finally, she wants to thank Benjamin Easter for constantly showing her love and encouragement. Enjoy this spooky show!

Will Sorg '24, Undeclared

Will is playing Marlow the Telepathist in The Thought and does the voiceover for one part of the Fitch Dandruff Shampoo commercial. Previous roles at Hastings High School include: German man in On the Razzle, Coufeyrac/Sailor in Les Miserables, Harpagon the Miser in The Miser, Man in Nothing Serious, Judas/John the Baptist in Godspell, Joe Keller in All My Sons, Narrator in Into The Woods, Lawrence Vail in Once In A Lifetime, Jason/Tom in Love Death and The Prom, and Major General Stanley in The Pirates of Penzance. It has been a great privilege to work with everyone in the cast, and Will is so excited to learn and work with them all in the future. 

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Thomas Sullivan '23, Undeclared

Thomas will be playing the role of the Heckler in The Thought and the role of Mikey in My Dear Niece in The Murder Mystery Hour: A double bill of radio thrillers. Former roles he had the fortune of playing at Anoka High School include the Green Grasshopper in James and the Giant Peach the Musical, Antipholus of Syracuse in A Comedy of Errors, Peter Mollberg  in The Pavilion, and Corny Collins in Hairspray. Here at Gustavus, Thomas was fortunate to have the opportunity to play the Hen in Into the Woods, Ensemble in Time to Get Real, Ensemble in You’re Invited, and Swiss Cheese in Mother Courage and Her Children. For The Murder Mystery Hour, the cast was absolutely thrilled to tackle the challenge of a voice-oriented production as it was a new medium of performing for many of them including Thomas. He has always dreamed of having the opportunity to attempt voice acting and he would like to thank the director, Henry MacCarthy, for giving him this opportunity and for entrusting this cast with a deceptively challenging project. Thomas would also like to give a huge thank you to the assisting directors, Eli and Austin, who have spent countless hours meticulously tailoring this show to be the best it could possibly be. He hopes you have some type of snack ready and that you thoroughly enjoy this performance!